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Logo / Image Vector Trace

Logo / Image Vector Trace

We can transform a low-quality image or logo into a high-resolution vector file which can be scaled to any size.


Vectors save the day when you need your logo to fit both a small sticker and a large display poster or banner.


Algorithmic formulas make up the shapes in a vector, so you can scale logos up or down without loss of resolution and quality.


You will Receive:

Vector Design Files (Ai,PDF,EPS)

All Files Backed Up Securely by MAZIAK


This is equivalent to 10 hours of labour.


This is equivalent to 15 hours of labour.


This is equivalent to 20+ hours of labour.

++ With free 3D post


The Process:

We will work with you from start to finish to make sure that the end result is something that you love. You will receive a vector version of your logo or design.

Please leave your correct contact information so a designer can get in touch with you (We prefer to use a WhatsApp group to work on the design project as we can easily send and annotate drafts directly to you)